Drum Ecstasy is a "live"; band that plays heavy dance music using various bass guitar sounds, supported by a massive background of three and more drummers. In individual compositions Bosch electric drills and saws noises and sound effects are used. In average Drum Ecstasy performance lasts 40-90 minutes, often slides and videos are used. There is also another variant of sounding (European percussion instruments + industrial percussion). This variant is often used during shows and presentations.

Drum Ecstasy exists since 1993. It plays in alternative and dance clubs, also during big shows and presentations. The band likes to take part in illegal parties. Every year they hold an illegal concert under a bridge with a campfire and pyrotechnics.

“Oh! Empire!” is a 9-minutes performance with a flag and a searchlight. It was shown during such events as city festivals (in Novogrudok, Turov, Myr, Minsk, etc), an opening ceremony at advertising festival "Euroline", "White Festival" in 1995, etc.