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proclamation for liberty of the art in Belarus

The signers of this proclamation demand the immediate abolition of all boycott and repression measures against musicians in the Republic of Belarus and the adherence to the human rights especially the right of freedom of opinion. Likewise the signers demand the adherence to the right of liberty of the art and the right to share the cultural life in the Republic of Belarus.

Since 2004 – again and again – there had been offences against these fundamental rights. Some bands had been systematically excluded from the public space by eliminating any possibilities of performing concerts. Organizers had been threatened with license withdrawal in order to prevent "uncomfortable" concerts. The alternative music scene beyond the public decreed "youth culture" suffers more and more a lack of possibilities for development. The examples given in the appendix of this proclamation clearly illustrate the governmental interferences into the rights of artists.

» liberty is art - art is liberty «