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  • 11.11.2006...

    ...participation of the band "Dromos" at the Bandkontest 2006, Skullcrusher, Dresden

  • 09.11. - 11.11.2006...

    ...participation Minsk Forum

  • 04.11. - 09.11.2006...

    ...participation German-Polish-Belarusian youth forum, Minsk

  • im November 2006...

    ...participation of "DJ disorder" at the festival "Dark Way", Minsk

  • September 2006: "Storm of Change II - Dresden"

    Workshop with partner-institutions from all over Central and Eastern Europe about the situation in Belarus and creating another acitvity plan for 2007. Presentation of a live-band at the festival "Radio Moscow" in the evening. Folder

  • On August 30th 2006: we are celebrating the birthday...

    ...of one of the best dictators in Europe

    August 30th marks 52th birthday of the belarussian president, Alexander Lukashenko. During Lukashenko's critics and opponents suffer inside belarussian prisons, "Kultur Aktiv" society and its supporters celebrate his birthday.

    The celebrations for people of all ages will begin with an official act at the Belarus embassy In the absence of famous German musician Udo Lindenberg a representative of President Lukashenko will receive a leather jacket. This is a symbol of the dictator's close relationship with his country's rock music community. A majority of music groups do not have the right to perform in their country and are especially under care of the still active KGB in Belarus.

    In the second half of the day kids will celebrate the dictator's birthday. A special kids comedy performance talks about qualities of a dictatorship.

    In the evening honorable guests will gether at club "Schaufenster" (ex-club art der kultur, Bischofsweg) to watch a comedy movie, the big man's portrait. To conclude this celebration everyone is invited to the party with belarussian expierenced DJ Cyberpunk.

    11.00 The Belarussian Embassy Berlin: Accepting a gift for Luka
    15.00 Sonnenhof Dresden: Kids' celebration
    21.00 Schaufenster Dresden: Portrait of Lukaschenko (comedy movie)
    Followed by Birthdayparty with DJ Cyberpunk

  • 29.05. – 01.06.2006: BELAWEEK – Belarus in Dresden:

    To raise the attention to the repression of subculture by the German public. What does it mean to live in a country only thousand kilometres from Dresden with its own opinion but to have not the same civil rights? Achieve maximum media presence to sensitise especially the youth to the situation in Belarus: Democracy, Liberty. Apart from the maximum medium output we want to sensibilize young people for the situation in Belarus and promote democracy and liberty regarding art, culture and "simple growing up". The concert should combine fun and sense – the income goes in favour of a holiday camp of Belarusian children in Dresden. programme

    Belaweek - you find pictures klick here...

  • 19.03.2006 Election evening:

    Together with our well experienced partners from Europäisches Jugendwerk e.V. we’ll present the documentary "Ne Tarmazi" (NL 2001, R.: Gerhard Stoel) about the politically active Belarusian oppositional youth. Follow-Up-Party with DJ Cyberpunk – himself light engineer of the German band The Ancient Gallery at an illegal concert in Minsk in November 2005 – presents mainly Belarusian bands which already played in Dresden or are involved in the planned CD.

    Election evening - you find pictures klick here...

  • 15.03.2006 Betting office for the elections in Belarus:

    Our election office opens 14 o'clock at "Art der Kultur" in Dresden. The location will be decorated by typical Belarusian posters etc. We expect a funny event and an active participation of interested young people.

  • 25./26.02.2006 Participation at the meeting "East – West: Our Perspective" of European NGO's:

    ...insert for democratisation in Belarus, Robert Schumann foundation, Warsaw

  • In December 2005

    ...a representative of Kultur Aktiv e.V. travelled to Minsk, in order to hold conversations about future plans with multiplicators from the underground music scene.

  • In November 2005

    ...the Dresdenian band "The Ancient Gallery" performed in Minsk. They played a concert, without official permission at the festival "Dark Way", together with Belarusian bands.

    The Ancient Gallery you find more information klick here... (in german)

  • On 7 October 2005

    ...the second persuated band N.R.M. came from Belarus to Dresden. In cooperation with lots of German partners we welcomed 250 interested visitors, and even three guests of the KGB.

  • In September 2005

    ...with the conference "STORM OF CHANGE" under the patronage of the Dresdner of mayor Ingolf Rossberg we pursued the following goals:

    • lasting cross-linking of our partners
    • better perception of the music from Central and Eastern Europe by the public
    • the public presentation of music from Central and Eastern Europe at the festival "Radio Moskau"

    Balance of the conference is to be evaluated extremely positively. So we welcomed 44 of over 140 invited participants from 14 countries in Dresden. The inaugural address held the Head of the department of international relations of the City of Dresden, followed by a representative of the German Foreign Office and the member of the European Parliament from Leipzig. The speakers stressed the importance of the conference for Europe and the important role of the culture exchange also in the range of subculture.

    A complex exchange project with Armenia was pushed, with 10 project partners involved from four countries and different branches. As well the project "S.O.S. - save Our Songs" was discussed by the German and the Belarusian partners. The difficult work under the circumstances in Belarus forces on the one hand to act, but limits however also the possibilities. Hereby we could use the experiences of the Ukrainian partner.

  • In June 2005: AUFSCHREI

    ...that were three projects in styles of music, film and politics about Belarus.

    15. – 18. June German and Belarusian students discussed the social situation in Belarus and planned co-operation projects of their NGOs.

    On 17 June 2005 a musical firework opened the B.R.N., when the Belarusian band Drum Ecstasy joined the festival with its wild show, using a huge variety of drums and even flex machines.

    Drum Ecstasy - you find pictures of the Event klick here...

    On 16 June the Projektthetaer opened the gates for photoexhibitions, documentary films and discussions.